Eat or Buy a Fendi Purse

handbag purse boutiqueThe first woman said she’d go without eating for a week just so she could own a Fendi purse. It’s the ultimate, she said.

The other replied that she had withdrawn $3,000 from her savings account a few weeks before when she “simply fell in love” with the Fendi Squirrel Denim Spy Bag Jill pointed out to her when they were in Saks. It was the latest Fendi Spy release, she said. And, she continued, she hopes to get enough overtime over the next couple of months so that she could replace the money she had taken from her account.

I overheard those comments at the handbag counter in a department store (that didn’t carry the Fendi line, of course). But…just imagine.

Many women love designer bags and some practically drool when Fendi comes out with the latest and greatest Fendi Spy purse. This fascination with designer handbags is encouraged by the sight of celebrities such as Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson and others looking beautiful and chic displaying the latest Fendi purse handbag as they go out on the town or sashay down the walkways.

handbag purse boutiqueThen, of course, designer handbags are always fashionable. And these women want to remain in fashion at all times so they become collectors of designer creations and are always in pursuit of the most up to date products.

Now if you’re into designer handbags and you want to own an authentic Fendi purse, you’ll have to dole out the bucks, as you can see. Otherwise, you’ll have to try to get one at a discount price from one of the many online stores that sell designer handbags. One store that says they specialize in discount Fendi purses claim the purses “look and behave the same as full-price Fendi purses.” Bottom line is: They’re not the real thing.

handbag purse boutiqueHowever, you also should be careful if you’re thinking of buying a replica Fendi purse. There just may be pitfalls involved. Do your research; make sure you’re not doing anything illegal.

Anyway, I was so curious about the Fendi purse that was the topic of that conversation I mentioned above that I popped into Saks to check out the Spy purse. Oh, but what a beauty! Sure am glad I’m not a collector or else I’d probably be tempted to go without food, too. Not.