Handbags and Purses Make or Break an Outfit

Popular HandbagsWomen love handbags. Most of us think of our handbags and purses as a reflection of our personality, and not simply as something in which to carry our cell phones, cosmetics, iPods, wallets and the like. We make a fashion statement when we don our favorite handbag.

In fact, many women are downright obsessed with the designer handbag purse. So enthralled are they that they must get the latest creations by their favorite designer as soon as they hit the stores. And these bags are manufactured in almost every color, material, pattern that you can imagine—many with designer looks.

So Many Styles

Just think of it: handbags come in so many styles: shoulder bags, totes, clutch bags, purse wallets, evening bags, mini bags, box purses, hipster handbags and more. They’re made of so many different materials: canvas, leather, beads, straw, satin, nylon, crochet, etc. They’re available in all different sizes: large, medium, small and sizes somewhere in between; for casual or formal wear. And the colors—such an abundance of colors and prints it leaves your head spinning.

popular handbagsThen there’s the variety of shapes of these handbag purses. Designers are very creative when it comes to their shapes. There are the box purses, the hobo, which is a shoulder bag that’s semi-circular; the duffle–also a shoulder bag but with a wider opening; the clutch which is a small handbag, primarily used to accessorize evening wear; the satchel—a large handbag; the baguette—looks just like its namesake with rounded shoulder straps; the pouch, which is soft and small; the messenger—also a shoulder bag but large and soft with long straps, the tote—open-top bag with straps and many more.

When shopping for handbags, you should always try them in front of a mirror before buying. Whichever one you decide to buy, whether it’s a handbag with long straps, those with short straps or the large bags with double straps, remember your handbag is a fashion accessory and be careful in selecting a color to match your outfit. The shape and color of the handbag a woman wears can make or break her outfit.

So if you’re shopping for handbags and purses, be sure you select those that complement your personality and you’ll look ever so chic.