Silk Pajamas and Longevity

Silk PajamasSilk pajamas are a very popular sleeping wear item. This is hardly surprising, as silk is one of the smoothest fabrics available and does not wrinkle. Silk’s durability has a great deal to do with this popularity, too. If one wonders how durable silk is consider the following item of historical trivia: one hundred years ago, the British Army issued silk shirts to their soldiers as bullets would not rip the silk shirt.

Now, no one purchases pajamas because of their bullet defense capabilities. Rather, they do so because silk pajamas have always had an indelible image pressed into people’s head from the pajamas presence on TV during the golden age of television. Surely Dick Van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore’s silk pajamas on display on the old 1960’s The Dick Van Dyke Show must have played a part in it! Perhaps the reruns of this program on cable continue to remind people exactly how comfortable and smooth silk pajamas appear to be.

Silk PajamasPopularity and durability combined help entrench pajamas on the market; and once a quality product finds a niche on the market, it will remain there for many years to come. In the case of silk pajamas, while styles may change, the quality of silk fabric has not diminished; this means a designer can always draw up a new look for the venerable silk clothing and this is only possible because silk is a high quality fabric.

If you’re looking for a quality fabric for your pajamas that traps heat – and, hence, is better in cold weather, as opposed to hot – then you may want to consider this popular fabric. Additionally, if you don’t want to spend extra time dry cleaning your pajamas, this is even a better choice, as silk can be washed, unlike many other high-quality pajama fabrics.