Suede Handbags or Regular Leather What Will it Be

handbag purse boutiqueSuede Handbags rank right up there with leather totes and handbags. But there are some durability issues to consider. However if you want to have a classy look with your clothes then you will do well with a leather or suede handbag.

Leather and suede both can be from doe, pig, any natural skin but the most common is from cow hide. And while suede is quite often known for its knapped, soft and brushed finish, leather is known for its tough exterior skin that is usually very durable and is very tough.

Suede is made from portions of the leather skin, as in splits, of the inner side of the skin. Therefore it does not have as tough a skin as regular full grain leather but it is softer usually.

handbag purse boutiqueWhile suede used to be used only for gloves it is now used quite often in handbags and a multitude of other accessories. Full grain leather is utilized more often to make handbags though than suede. Why? Because suede is porous and will gather dirt and stains to it’s textured surface more readily. Furthermore, full grain leather will handle the rain and shrug off more stains than suede.

While suede is more difficult to design a desired color with and to create the desired style you will love the look that suede can take on. There is a fashion designer that does very well with creating wonderful designs with suede called Coach.

Both leather and suede are very durable but with leather being tougher you just have to decide if you want very tough or tough enough. And decide if you want to worry about stains and rain as much. It really depends a bit on what you need and want from your handbag.

handbag purse boutiqueYou can be glamorous and accessorized with leather or suede. Even some other materials might do. As there are many combinations used with leather. Or you can decide on sheepskin, crocodile leather or even ostrich leather.

No matter what, you have many choices with purses, handbags, totes and luggage. The variety of material used these days is endless. You just really have to decide if you want cow leather in the full grain or suede or something more unique and what statement you want to make.

Try leather totes for the more risky times but consider suede handbags when you have a casual yet dry night or day of entertainment. You’re sure to find something to match.