Versatile Small Leather Handbags Are For Any Occasion

handbag purse boutiqueAny woman who loves handbags and the smell of leather should check out the adaptable small leather handbags. These are must-haves for every woman’s wardrobe and handbag collection.

Now, we already know that women love their handbags. In fact, some women say they have a handbag addiction; they say they can’t have too many handbags. So there must be a variety of handbags, in an assortment of styles and colors in their closets.

They need the tote, hobo or duffle bag for casual wear; the clutch to accessorize evening wear; the satchel, box purse, cigar box, baguette, Kelly bag—any or all of these just to have because they must own them. Therefore, the small leather handbag must be a part of the collection.

handbag purse boutiqueLeather handbags are considered classic. They are very versatile—able to dress up just about any outfit from jeans to a designer suit. And even though leather can be expensive, owning a good leather handbag will outlast any handbag that’s made from synthetic material.

Although considered ‘small’, these handbags are usually large enough to hold a checkbook, glasses, and wallet. The sizes vary: some are 7” deep and 6.9” wide. Others are 7” deep and 4” high. Each manufacturer has different sizes.

Still, most of them usually have an inner zipper pocket. Some even have an outside pocket as well and sport long handles so you can tie them around your wait or long straps for you to wear over your shoulder.

handbag purse boutiqueThe straps on some small leather handbags are adjustable so you can alter the length; others are removable so you can convert to a clutch purse, suitable for any occasion. And the styles of these bags range anywhere from sporty to elegant.

Now we can’t talk about handbags without mentioning designer handbags since they’re all the rage. So of course, there are thousands of designer leather handbags on the market. Be prepared to dole out the money, though.

And just how many handbags does a woman need? Ah, that doesn’t matter; because around the waist, over the shoulder or as a simple compact, the versatility of small leather handbags make them a worthy addition to every woman’s collection, regardless of how many she owns.